Xesupio School in Guatemala

Submitted by Jodi and Tristan Moss | Location: Guatemala | NGO: Aqua Para La Salud and Save the Children | Date: April, 2010

Xesupio is a remote village in the Guatemalan highlands. The village can be reached only by foot along a two kilometer trail from a dirt road. The children at this school have few luxuries. According to Antonio Brito Perez (school director) and Elena de Paz (teacher), the school has an annual budget of only US$6 per student per year. Food and other materials often are a priority over hygiene and water.

Aqua Para La Salud, an internationally funded Guatemala not-for-profit organization working in partnership with Save the Children, recently installed a hand-washing station and five latrines at the school in the Guatemalan village of Xesupio. Previously, the school had only one faucet and two pit toilets for its 70 students.

The new facilities built by Aqua Para La Salud and Save the Children provide a cleaner environment for the students. They also provide the tools necessary to teach the children healthy hygiene habits.

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