Xepiun School – Guatemala

Submitted by Jodi and Tristan Moss | Location: Xepiun, Guatemala | NGO: Aqua Para La Salud | Date: April 2010

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Katarino Brito Raymundo is a kindergarten teacher at the school in Xepiun, a rural village in the Guatemalan highlands. Teaching healthy hygiene habits is a priority for Katarina. She has the children wash their hands with soap and brush their teeth as a group every day. The children wash on the ground outside their classroom using plastic buckets.

Agua para la Salud (an internationally funded Guatemalan not-for-profit organization) is working in partnership with the Florida chapter of Engineers Without Borders to install flush toilets, a septic tank, and a new communal hand-washing station at the school. These facilities augment the two pit latrines and single hand-washing station, which are not sufficient to service the over 200 children at the school. These new facilities will make it easier for Katarina and the other teachers at the school to teach healthy sanitation habits. It also gives the students a way to practice these habits on a regular basis. 

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