Sharing Your Photos and Stories

Want to help us raise awareness and funds for safe drinking water projects?

The more we can tell these stories, the more people we can engage in the cause. Core principles of Blue Planet Network are sharing and transparency. Our audience wants to see what is really going on, who are the people benefiting from water projects, and how their lives are changed.

If you are traveling to an area in need of safe drinking water, or places where projects have recently created access, we welcome your reports in the form of photos and text. We invite everyone to take an active role in reporting on all Blue Planet Network projects. Your voice helps ensure that our members learn from project successes and problems, and most importantly, can swiftly remedy existing problems so water keeps flowing.

Please contact us with your plans or ideas if you would like to travel to any of our project locations. Blue Planet Network does not fund photography trips to project sites, but helps to connect you with our NGO members, and with logistics.

We welcome your suggestions on how to improve Stories of Water.