Peñas de Cafen – Nicaragua

Submitted by: Jon Polka | Location: Peñas de Cafen, Nicaragua | NGO: El Porvenir | Date of Visit: Aug. 20, 2010 | Project Tracking Report

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I was able to visit several residents as well as the school in Penas de Cafen. The latrines appeared to be very well maintained because they were very clean. Once we got to the school, we set up a photo shoot with the children. Afterwards, I was able to interview two of the teachers there.

What follows is a summary of what they had to say:

Celsa Isidra Franco Treminio – School Teacher
She is very grateful to El Porvenir because there were no latrines in the school before the projects. Now, there are not only latrines in the school, but there are latrines in every home. Similarly, there was no water before and now there is a well. These projects have improved the lives, health, and environment tremendously. Once again, she expressed her gratitude for the work of El Porvenir and hopes that they will continue to work in the community.

Leneyda Saarvedra Lira – School Teacher
Before the project, life was ALMOST impossible because they didn’t have a potable water source… now they have a potable water source. It allows them to get things done quicker now that they have water close to their homes. The latrines have helped reduce environmental contamination and they are grateful to Blue Planet for the funding and El Porvenir for the execution of the projects.

After the interviews, we visited another residence and then headed off to La Reina.

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