Panimazalan School – Guatemala

Submitted by Maria Bartrum | Location: Guatemala | NGO: Agua Para La Salud | Date: Feb. 19, 2013

Panimazalan School is 1 of 19 schools in Guatemala where Peace Corps volunteers work in conjunction with Agua Para La Salud that are in a program to institute the Healthy Schools Project. The project consists of different levels in order to become certified; the first is the Healthy Nook which promotes the practice of healthy habits. In this stage the kids come to school clean, they have a healthy snack prepared in hygienic manner, have the correct infrastructure, and that they have water 5 hours each day for the 5 days of the school week. The second level of the program requires height and weight measurement of the children, a plan for disasters, and for parents and teachers to be trained in program design and management. The project is now including more peer to peer education, involving parents more, and involving more schools.

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