Litchenza and Samuti Water and Sanitation Project

Submitted by: Water for People  | Location: Litchenza and Samuti, Malawi | NGO: Water for People | Date: 2007 | Project Tracking Report

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6 boreholes with 6 Afridev handpumps were provided for 1500 people (300 families) in the Litchenza communities of Samuti (4 boreholes) and Chamasowa (2 boreholes).

The community members were trained to open and assess the Afridev handpumps every three months at which time worn parts should be replaced. The costs for spare parts will change over time as more expensive parts wear out so a flexible mainenance system was outlined.


Litchenza Samuti, Chamasowa Water and Sanitation projects were implemented in the area of Traditional Authority Chimaliro in Thyolo District. The project’s main activities included drilling of 6 (Six) Boreholes installed with Afridev Village Level Operation Pumps and construction of 40 (Forty) improved latrines. Hygiene promotion was part of the program. Traditionally, hygiene and sanitation promotion is done by holding meetings at central points. In this project we took a different approach whereby apart from meeting people at a central point, few key people were selected and followed up at household level until there behavior changed. The few individuals started marketing the ideas to their fellow community members and in one year we are able to a notice a change in hygiene behaviour of the people in Litchenza community. The individual contacts were more effective compared to general sensitization meetings. Even some of the households which did not directly benefit from the project have constructed latrines and wash hands at the recommended four times (after being in contact with children faeces and using the latrine and before preparing and eating food). There still some that need more time to buy the ideas. We also trained water users in operation and maintenance of the pump. Although we only targeted the 6 water points, the neighboring village, Chikhwaza, had a water point which was not functioning but was repaired through skills learned through this project.

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