La Reina – Nicaragua

Submitted by:  Jon Polka | Location: La Reina, Nicaragua | NGO: El Porvenir  | Date of Visit: August 20, 2010 | Project Tracking Page

After visiting Penas de Cafen, I was able to briefly stop in La Reina and talk with the some of the residents there. The family I encountered were red bean farmers. I was able to chat with Julia Amador Hernandez for a few minutes.

Julia said that before the latrines, everyone would just relieve themselves in the fields. This particular family had a latrine, but it was getting full. Once the latrines fill up, the children use the fields again. She said this made her sad. She then stressed the importance of adults using the latrines to set a good example for the children in the community.

After our brief visit, we set off for Boaco Viejo.


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