Stories of Water - volunteer photographer gallery reports

This collection of photo essays shines light on real lives changed by water. The stories are submitted by volunteer photographers who have visited communities in need of or benefiting from Blue Planet Network member projects around the world.

Our Latest Photo Gallery Reports

Mbulani Secondary School – Tanzania

The Mbulani Secondary School recently constructed a borehole that provides clean water to the students and the surrounding community.
The second building of ENBI High School. The kids are on break and playing a tug of war game just using their hands.

ENBI High School – Guatemala

ENBI High School was able to build a hand washing station thanks to some leftover funds from other projects in the area. Now 950 students don’t have to all share one sink!
Head mason, Antonio Cavinatoma, talking with head of APSL, Lynn Roberts, while another mason checks the operation of the faucets of the new hand washing station at La Primavera School.

La Primavera School – Guatemala

A Rain Catchment System that is providing clean water to three schools over a 10 acre area.
Some of the students washing their hands. Lynn Roberts, head of APLS, is in the background with other students.

Panimazalan School – Guatemala

A school in Guatemala that has become part of the Healthy Schools Project aimed at improving healthy habits among school children.

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