Stories of Water - volunteer photographer gallery reports

This collection of photo essays shines light on real lives changed by water. The stories are submitted by volunteer photographers who have visited communities in need of or benefiting from Blue Planet Network member projects around the world.

Our Latest Photo Gallery Reports

Choque School – Guatemala

This is the Choque School which has a rain catchment system for their water system. Students contributeto the maintenance of their new toilets and use the hand washing stations.

Cojulya School – Guatemala

At the Cojulya School, they have a rain catchment system dedicated to “Dr Mack” (see plaque), who was a Guatemalan native and pediatrician who spearheaded the Healthy School

Loyaj Desalination Plant

One of eight small communities of coastal Gujurat where pilot projects installed a complex reverse osmosis plant to desalinate well water to make it potable.

Taylor Guitar’s Campaign

Proceeds from sales of a limited edition of Taylor's popular acoustic GS Mini series will support El Porvenir and Living Waters for the World clean water projects in Nicaragua.

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    Almost a billion people lack access to safe drinking water, and one third of the people on earth lack adequate sanitation. This is is one of the greatest causes of the world's health and economic problems. Yet, we have the power to change it.